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Well, the Story of how we met. It's cute. We were both 16, year 2000, and I just joined tech for the first time. Now I'd met his sister before (though, I didn't know she was his sister) in Robotics Club. I joined and immediately was given the task of "screw girl" (basically all the newbies had to do the *itch work the expert techies didn't want to do). Well, I saw him and two other guys, Chris and Brett, sitting around doing nothing, so I ordered them to pick up screws. They were so surprised that I ordered them to do something, they picked up screws without saying a word.

Later, Mr. Douglas (the moderator) had me work with one of the tech leaders, and he was it. Our task was to mix the correct shade of paint for a backdrop. Well, we got to talking, and Seth got to showing off his skills in "not needing to measure tint to put in the paint" and we ended up with a 5 gallon bucket of too-dark, useless paint. We had to buy another 5-gal, and the moderator was not impressed, but we had both had the chance to talk. At the time, my dream in life was to hop around from space ship to space ship charting systems, drawing what I saw on other planets, and writing about it all. He was going to be a space pirate with his own ship, and was looking for a crew, including a navigator and records keeper. We instantly clicked and became good friends.

He says he knew I was cute by the way I walked and talked and was, but because I was always in work grubs with my hair up, he never knew how beautiful I was. We were always chatting and hanging out together. Like 2 peas in a pod at tech we were. He was looking for a good friend he could relate to, and so was I, and it showed. Well, as hell week grew closer, he took me as his assistant (he was stage manager) so my jobs included keeping him (coffee, blankets) and his seat (by me) warm (our theater was outside in the winter), and keeping track of the script.

A few weeks later, I was told by his friends that I would be going to the Christmas dance with him. I went to LA for thanksgiving, bought my dress, shoes, make up, everthing I needed, and when my Dad asked me how my date had asked me I said "He hasn't yet" and he was like "What?! You just bought $500 worth of stuff to go on a date with someone who hasn't asked you yet?" But I knew, and sure enough, come Monday, while I was at Brophy after class, he came up to me and put his arm around me. "I was thinking I should pick you up around 6," he said, "Is that okay? Where do you live, by the way?" I told him I'd meet him at our dinner destination, Denny's, because I lived in NE Mesa and I wouldn't make him drive out that far. "Are you sure? I have no problem with picking you up." I assured him that I'd meet him, and he agreed. He had bought the tickets earlier that day.

My dress was green taffeta and black velvet. Probably one of the favorite dance dresses I've bought. When I showed up at Denny's, Seth was dumbfounded. He said it was like looking at a totally different person. My hair was long and down! combed, slightly curled, my cheeks rouged, and I wore a dress and dainty high heels. He was still staring at me when he introduced me to his parents, and I him to my mom. That wasn't the first time he thought of me as more than just a good friend, I later learned, but it did cinch it for Seth.

At Denny's, Jenna and I split a very large salad, and the whole lot of us split a chocolate chocolate pie. What was ironic about Seth and myself meeting was that I was friends with all the girls who were girl/friends with the boys who were his friends. I sat with them at lunch, met up with them at dances, events, etc, listened to stories daily, I even remember the occassional story about Seth (or "Paco" as he was lovingly referred), but never once had we met or had anyone say "Hey, I know the perfect guy/girl for you". It was a surprise to everyone. Even after I dated him, I had one of my closest friends come up to me and say "Hey! You're dating hot guy in French class! How funny!" Hot guy in French class was the supposedly fictitious "only cute guy in all of Brophy" that all the girls in French class thought were cute, but were too afraid to say his name out of fear that he would find out. I'd been hearing of him since freshman year, and here I was, dating him. It really was only a matter of time before we met.

Anyway, we dated, and grew to love one another. I knew I couldn't live life nearly as well without him, as he with me, so we decided to get married. Most people don't know that he asked me three times to marry him, and I turned him down twice: 1) he wanted to marry me right out of high school and 2) he wanted to marry me the summer after our freshman year. 3) I said yes.

So that's how we met. I think it's quite romantic, don't you? :-)








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