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Hey guess what? We're married!

More pictures of the Wedding coming soon!!! ---------------------------->
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The wedding was awesome!!! It was hectic, and crazy, and a lot of things didn't hapened that we hoped would, but oh well.

The whole shebang started the night before that the dress rehearsal. Everyone was there on time, except two mr. somebodies whose names I won't mention. ;-) Anyway, everyone was great. Pat, the coordinator, was awesome, and we only had to go through everything twice. Everyone had a chance to talk, and afterwards, we went to Streets of New York for dinner. It was a lot of fun. Everyone was talking, catching up on events of past, college, life, how it's all melting together. The night ended, and I drove back to the Jacobs' by myself. It was nice. I drove past Xavier and Brophy, stopping to remember the life I was leaving behind. It was refreshing, surprisingly, a little bittersweet.

Seth stayed in his Dad's office that night. He wanted to be alone, but it just wasn't worth getting a hotel room. He apparently did not sleep at all and spent the whole night writing letters to people.

The next morning was fine. Woke up late. stopped by the church to help them, dropped Jenna off at her hair appointment, ran a few errands, then went back to the Jacobs' to pack for the honeymoon. After I gathered all my stuff for the church, packed away the honeymoon gear, and had my dress, it was time to go to the chapel.

Jenna, Mrs. Jacobs, and I were all on time to the chapel the day of the wedding, but I wasn't made up, hair done, or dressed. Everyone was there on time, looking fabulous, ready to go, however the groom and father of the groom were both missing. Come to find out, they stayed a little too late at the reception site decorating, and were running really late to the wedding. So the pictures ran a little late and they were waiting for me to take the girls' pictures.

I was fortunate enough to have my Aunts Anna and Pamie helping me with my dress and veil. We were laughing up a storm in the dressing room. As I frantically put on make up and tried making my hair cooperate with my wishes. The flowers were done (beautifully, I might add) and all the girls were ready. The boys were almost done with their pictures (Seth and Mr. Jacobs finally showed up) and it was 4pm by the time I was done with everything (the wedding was at 4:30). Some of the photos were taken, and we were all a little late to walk down the aisle.

But the ceremony went off without a hitch. I walked down the aisle to my dream song: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones "Across the Stars (Love theme)". From the feedback we got, people said it looked like a scene out of a movie. Everything went perfectly. Though Seth and I swore it lasted 15 minutes, everyone said it was more like half an hour. I guess time flies when you're getting married too. The ceremony ended. We were officially husband and wife!

Now, I told Seth to pick the recessional music. It would be a surprise. I thought he honestly forgot because he never mentioned it to me, and I saw only one CD handed to the music tech of the church. But as we left, "To Sheila" from the Smashing Pumpkins' album Adore began playing over the speakers. The entire ceremony I was able to be straight faced, no tears, and then the song played, and I started to lose it. We listened to that album everytime we came back to Phoenix from our day trips up to Flagstaff while we dated. It was always night, and the moon was always out. It was perfect. I later found out that several people thought it was Seth actually singing that song. As neat as that would be, it was not him (sorry!). It was Billy Corgan.

So, after more than an hour of more pictures and posing (with some hilarious shots), and bustling my dress (it had 8 bustles) we were on our way to the reception in best man Evan's decorated decked out Towncar.

The decorating took longer than hoped, and it didn't happen like we thought, but that's what happens when everything is attempted last minute. For what was done though, it looked beautiful. The reception was outdoors, and of course, that's the night the wind decided to be vicious. IT blew our canopy off and the table cloths really didn't hold down, so everyone just stayed huddled up in the MPR which was fine and it made the event cozier. Everyone got to talk to everyone, and that is exactly what we wanted. A few of the "young" people stayed outside with the fire places (which looked awesome) and listened to the music while talking about everything.

We had Olive Garden cater the dinner, and everyone agreed it was a fine choice. The ladies from the church (the Wadell Women ?) served the guests and cut the cake. It was awesome to see everyone's efforts and everything come together so nicely. There was so much left over food too.
Seth and I danced our first dance to "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles, and tossed the garter and bouquet (caught by Cindy Crigler and Doug Seitbergs, the next generation of catchers). Then we were toasted with a very creative toast by Evan (Loved the tech references) and a beautiful tear jerker by Jenna. We cut the cake and spent the rest of the time talking to people. There was a little incident where we learned that the chocolate cake had nuts in it, though we specifically requested none. Seth took 3 Benadryl and shortly after the event ended (after being pelted with 20 pounds of birdseed) Seth promtly proceeded to pass out on our way to Scottsdale.

We had a fun honeymoon spending our wedding gifts and figuring life out. It was fantastic and now I look forward to the several hundred years I will be spending with my new husband (and he says the same about his new wife).







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