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December 09, 2003 Hey everyone! Invites were FINALLY sent out yesterday. I hope everyone can make it! And due to events just plain weird, We're having the reception at West Side Bible Church. We figured, if we don't have the money to make the wedding spectacular, we should make it memorable. So, everyone is in for a reeeeeaaal treat. :-D Anyway, more updates will be coming soon!

December 05, 2003 Hey all! Happy belated Turkey Day! Seth and I had a good time in Cali. He met my aunt Anna, my cousins, and my grandmother. Then we had Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's family, and that was a lot of fun too. The Bridal Shower was a blast too! it all looked so beautiful. Jenna really did a great job designing everything. I told her she should make a career out of it, to which she simply replied. "No." I was embarrassed out of my gourd by everyone, and in particular, by the gifts Jenna and Rochelle bought for me that the women made me hold up to show them. It was all in good fun. All the gifts given are useful and just what I need. Now, though, the invites ARE FOR SURE being sent out tomorrow, and the RSVP form is online and the form is posted, thanks to the help from my co-worker. Because it involves writing a code I don't know, and subsequently learning it, I get paid to work on my wedding webpage. So, yay for serious procrastination!!!
This weekend and Next, Seth and I are going to be moving stuff into a storage shed up here. We're packing away all the stuff we need and are selling, then unpacking into our new compartment when we return from our honeymoon. If anyone feels like volunteering.... :-) So, it's been a hell of a week. I've had a total of 12 hours of sleep for the past three nights, and three of them were last night. But I got almost everything done! nifty huh? ;-)
Anyway, plans are underway. My mom is going to help me with the flowers and the veil. Some plans fell through, but that's okay. Continue to pray for us, everyone. Thanks for the continued support!

November 06, 2003 Well, still chugging along. The plans have been set for the Bridal shower. The invites look so cute! I'm excited. I'm busy though. I will update later!

October 30, 2003Hey, so plans change, all the time, and the plan this time is, surprise surprise, we've changed the reception place. Due to lack of truth in regards to the number of guests the facility really can hold WITH a dancefloor, we are changing venues. We've got a few places lined up, and if you ahve any suggestions, feel free to email! until then, however, we're without a place and invitations, again. We have hope though, we always have hope. Continue to pray for us!

October 08, 2003- So hey. We finally decided on a place. We're going to have it at the Challenger Space Center on 83rd Ave and Beardsley. Don't make any permanent plans until you get an invite (coming along soon). We still have to call the places. But we've mostly been focusing on money gathering and our spiritual life. We were invited to married couple counseling/bible study at church, and we're doing very well with it, learning a lot and applying a lot. I'll keep you posted!

September 05, 2003- Wonderful news!!!! The night of my last entry, Seth called Pastor Kendell Weeks from Oregon, and he decided to perform the ceremony for us! Isn't that wonderful. (for those of you who don't know, Seth and his parents and I visited Oregon a couple summers ago, and while we were there, we visited the Weeks). I just am grateful God sent someone who knows us, whom we like a lot, and who desires to do it.
Seth is going down to Phoenix this weekend to finalize our reception and ceremony site. We should have invitations sent out by the 27th of Sept. Well, all else is well!!!

September 03, 2003- So, we found the bridesmaids dresses www.ewindsor.com, style 8557. It's really pretty, now all we have to do is find a store that carries it for less than 170 (unlikely, I'm sure). Mostly stuff is happening in my personal life, like new jobs and an added minor. If anyone has any suggestions, they're highly welcomed. If anyone has any help, that's highly welcomed too.

August 18, 2003- So things never turn out like you plan. The Eagles concert kicked butt. It was great! We went to LA (Another story, another time) didn't go shopping int he garment district, didn't find a dress. Two days after I come back, I am out shopping with Jenna, and we just randomly stopped into a wedding dress salong. Well, needless to say, I found my dress at Azteca Bridals. Now, I ahve to order it. So it all worked out. I've been suuuper busy, so I'll update later. :-D

August 04, 2003- We picked a place! Hopefully they'll be nice and let us do it there, but it's the "Historic First Presbyterian Church" of downtown Phoenix. I loved it. Seth was a little weirded out by the interior wall colorings, but I thought it was gorgeous. So, I move out of my dorm tomorrow, go to the Eagles Concert, then hit the road Wednesday with my mom to find me a dress.
We've been very blessed to have many members of our church volunteer their talents towards our wedding. Already we have a photographer and a florist, as well as a whole crew of supporters who have volunteered to do anything.
We also want to thank our families for helping us in making our decisions, and for convincing us that eloping or going into debt for this was not the best thing in the world. It truly is a Blessing to have everyone's support and help, and Seth and I thank you.
If anyone has any talents or anything they feel they can contribute to our wedding, just email me at misckarina@hotmail.com. Next time I write, hopefully I'll have a dress. ;-)

July 27, 2003- We had an interesting weekend. It was Jenna's Birthday on Saturday, and she'd had her birthday party Friday and Saturday. I also visited Heather, watched "Analyze This", ate a great dinner, and had a good time. Then, after Jenna and Mrs. Jacobs left for Minnesota, Mr. Jacobs, Seth and myself went all over the Greater Phoenix area looking at places. There were some beauts! We've narrowed it down to two churches, ergo, two reception site options. And we picked the date! December 27th. Anyway, it was a great time. I'm going out to Cali with my mom from August 7th-13th to look at Wedding dresses and some material at the LA garment District (If I don't find anything there, I won't find it anywhere{if at all any time soon})

July 23, 2003- So we told our parents that the wedding was back on. Interesting...My bridesmaids have sent me (or are sending me) ;-) their measurements for the dresses. Katie will be helping me sew them all together. I've figured out the favors, and the decorations are free because it's Christmastime!
Also, a few friends have agreed to DJ for us (they have awesome equipment) and Justin has agreed to play some songs between the ceremony and the reception.
The last pattern for my dress is finished, now all I need to do is go to Cali and get the material. I'm going August 9-13th. I'll be posting more soon.

June 05, 2003- So, I finished designing the dresses, mine and the bridesmaids. I think they'll like theirs, I know I like mine. If you want to see the design, email me at MiscKarina@hotmail.com, and I'll probably send you the designs for a sneaky peak.







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