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Church: First Historic Presbyterian Church. Now, there were tons of churches to choose from, but it depends on what you want to spend and what setting you want to be married in. Seth and I knew that we wanted our ceremony to be serious, grandiose, and beautiful (because that's the important part, right?) and our site reflected that. But don't get too attached though! Some churches do not allow marriages of outside religions. I wanted to get married at Brophy chapel, but because I am not Catholic, I could not.

Dress: Azteca Bridal Salon on 10 St. and Washington. Design by TJ Formal. But there are other perfectly fine places get a wedding dress. If you want expert advice on what you should wear, and quite possibly be told what to wear, Bridals by Franca is the place. Another place I liked was this little Bridal place across from Xavier (7th St. and Camelbackish).

Veil: Karina made it. Venice lace and shiny tulle. This is totally up to you. I wanted a beautiful, elaborate veil, but ran out of time to make it, so I simplified. I knew I didn't want the traditional poof, so I didn't have it. They have just about every style imagineable in Bridal shops, but if you just don't find it, head to Hancock Fabrics or JoAnns and start sewing!
Hair and Makeup: Done by Karina. There was a much easier way to do this: go to the mall for their free makeovers (you only should buy 2 or 3 things, like mascara, blush, or lipstick, from them) But again, there was no time for me to schedule an appointment. Luckily I knew what to buy make up wise, and I didn't do too bad of a job, if I do say so myself. ;-)
Bridesmaids dresses: Windsors Fashion (www.ewindsor.com) Zum Zum design. Jenna was my model, and there were a few dresses that I picked, but this was the one that would look good on all body shapes, and one the girls could wear again (I didn't want to stick them in anything hideous)
Tuxes: Azteca Tuxedo Shop <- okay, they do everything here. Flowers, decorations, preservations, dresses, tuxes, you name it, it's here. The reason we went here was because they got a discount because I bought my dress there. There are other place though.
Pictures: Mrs. Bobbi Cress (unless otherwise notes). THANK YOU!!!! If you're looking for a photographer, I recommend Clive Van Rensburg (he's under "Links" for "Quinceanera"

Flowers: Purchased wholesale from Baseline Flowers, arranged by Mrs. Lutz and Mrs. Metz. If you go to a flower shop, or even Michael's flower area, you may be able to find someone who can arrange for a fee if you buy all the flowers and materials.
Cake: Bashas Bakery on 52st and Shea.
- White fondant icing with rum cake, vanilla custard filling, raspberry filling, and chocolate filling.
- Chocolate cake with raspberry filling and dark chocolate ganache covering. I would highly suggest going to a grocery store before a cake shop, especially if you just want a buttercream cake because they are often up to $2 per slice cheaper than cake shops for similar, if not the same, quality of craftsman ship. If you ahve an idea of what you want, just ask the head cake decorator if they can do it (or something similar). You'd be surprised.

Reception Food: Olive Garden by Metro center (BTW. They had never received an order so big before, so they had to call national general manager to ask about pricing, delivery, etc). If you have a favorite place you like to eat, just call them up and ask if they can either A) cater your event or B) make enough food for your event (with it all being hot upon pick/delivery). Chevy's Mexican food was willing to cater 150 people for $1800, that's including food, serving, and drinks.
Salad, bread, soda, water, plates, utensils- Sam's Club. You'll find a lot of miscellaneous expenses come from overpriced soda and "extras" like salad and bread. Buy it yourself and set it up. For utensils, clear plastic scrollware is awesome, and just looks classy (without breaking your checkbook)
Red Champagne
- Smart and Final. Since our colors were black and white with Red accent, this was the perfect touch to our event.

Decoration: The backbones of Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs, Mr. Grimes, Mr. Mikel, Mr and Mrs. Jaffe, Mrs. Metz, Mr. and Mrs. Seitzberg, Mr. Aguilar, Seth and all the groomsmen and ushers. Materials Purchased at Smart and Final, Sam's Club, Home Depot, Michael's, and Party City. The candle holders were purchased in a tiny shop in Black Canyon city. We loved the fireplaces, and knew they'd add the perfect ambiance to our reception. We had a game planned for guests to build their own centerpiece while they waited for us to arrive. The winner(s) would receive a prize of some sort. It was a great idea, but we just ran out of time to pull it all together. Just think creatively and look around. You'll never believe what you'll find places.

Thanks to everyone who donated their time and/or supplies towards our wedding! You really helped make it a special and blessed event!







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